Wherever you look these days, experts and the media state that young teens and young adults attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. And whether this is true or not, it’s clear that young people expect more than the traditional classroom and old teaching methods. They want an education that matches the rest of their lives. An education that’s engaging, compelling and interactive. An education that lets them explore the world.

And now it’s possible. With the right technology, we can give our young people the education they want.  Computers were once a novelty, used for 30 minutes a week, or shared between groups. Films were a rare but enjoyable occurrence. But now, technology is an intrinsic part of everyone.

This trend will only increase, if we take a part in helping, to see your kids learning about technologies, and inventing new gadgets is a huge change in what young people were years ago, some of these young people are now serving the military, working as managers, inventing new medical devices History for doctors. 

letting students explore with hands helps much more then just a textbook can give. Students can connect with their peers around the world, helping to improve collaboration and language skills. The increased use of technology represents a fundamental shift in the way IT integrates with our education system. Computers and technology are no longer limited to being the subject of dedicated IT lessons. The Inventions you see on this page goes to show that with the right tool young adults can come a long way.

inspired to create new inventions 

new inventions Called clean EAr

new inventions Call the media wizard  

NEW Medical Device 

       Inspired by aeronautics

new inventions Called little buddy Mp3 

Inspired in reverse engineering 

         The world is your classroom.

    Awesome new inventions that have never been Seeing​ until now       

​​Mp3 Smaller than a penny

A tiny character with

all these features.

1. Wi-Fi adapter

2. Bluetooth

3. Macro recorder

4. Media Storage

5. Indicator lights

​6. Direct USB Connection